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SupplyGeeks Top Five Office Gift Ideas

SupplyGeeks Top Five Office Gift Ideas

Buying an Office Gift is a great way to show an employee, co-worker, business associate or boss just how much you appreciate them. But what gift is appropriate in an office environment? Let's take a close look.

Let's face it, you spend as much time with your co-workers and business partners as you do your family. A thoughtful office gift, whether big or small, is often the right thing to do. But what to buy? That can be a little more difficult. The first step in choosing the right office gift is to admit the difficulty involved - shopping for the perfect office gift can be hard. It has to be "office appropriate", yet thoughtful and fun. That's where the SupplyGeeks Top Five Office Gift Ideas list can be of help. Plus, we have a special Office Gifts Collection with handpicked SupplyGeeks favorites for you.

At SupplyGeeks, we favor gifts with a little bit of "geek factor" (no surprise there) but we also think that office gifts should be useful. Everyone wants to make their work environment more fun, so make sure to choose something that has a little style. It needs to be cool and fit their personality, too. 

If the guy in the cube next over is a stats wizard, why not get him a way cool Calculator with all the bells and whistles. If the new girl in marketing loves cats, why not get her a pet themed desk calendar that she'll find both useful and inspiring. You get the idea! At, we have lots of great office gift ideas. So, without further adieau, here are our top five gift ideas for co-workers, business associates and clients.

Lorell 86000 Series Managerial Mid-Back Chair Black Frame25.25" x 23.5" x 40.5" - Mesh, Fabric Black Seat
A Really Sweet Desk Chair
Upgrading an employee's worn out chair to a Sweet Mesh Back Chair is a cool "gift idea" that benefits the employee and employer. How is that? Office workers spend almost their entire day in a chair. Therefore all, having a Comfortable Office Chair that provides support makes you feel better while you work. When you feel better, you tend to be more productive over the long haul. A Management Chair is always a good choice for the office ninjas on your list. Want to score points with the bigwigs down in coporate? Have everyone in the office chip in to buy the big boss a top of the line Executive/High Back Chair. Happy boss, happy office.

Solo Notebook Portfolio Portfolio - 15.4" Screen Support - 13" x 16.5" x 5" - Leather - Espresso
A Top Quality Business Travel Bag Or Briefcase
Nothing elevates your game like a top of the line Briefcase or Business Travel Bag. At SupplyGeeks, we have awesome briefcases, business travel bags and laptop bags. We even have some stylish ladies Laptop Totes and Handbags. Travel bags are a great gift idea for co-workers, top employees, business associates, or your significant other. Not sure which travel bag to choose? We have a special Guide To Buying The Perfect Business Travel Bag that is definitely worth checking out.

Advantus Danish Butter Cookies Reusable Container - Butter - Can - 1 Each
Who's Hungry?
Corporate Office Snacks are a great gift idea for your hard working staff or for your favorite clients. Why not send your top customers a delicious sampler of Gourmet Coffees or Teas or Office Candies? Hooking your staff up lifts morale, and showing your clients how much they are valued is always a smart business move. The SupplyGeeks favorite snacks (besides Red Bull and Twizzlers)? Advantus Royal Dansk Cookie Tins. Mmmmm... Cookies!

Scotch Stiletto Shoe Tape Dispenser Holds Total 1 Tape(s) - 1" Core - Refillable - Lightweight - Black
Tape Dispensers & Post-It Note Dispensers
This is a sure fire, low cost gift that you can give without breaking the budget. I know, Tape Dispensers and Post-It Notes may sound boring, but believe it or not, there are really cool post-it note dispensers out there. You can get modern, arty post-it dispensers like these Pebble Pop-Up Post-It Note Dispensers arim or go campy with these Stiletto Shoe Tape Dispensers.

Sheaffer Gift Collection Series 300 Balllpoint Pen/Pencil Set Lead Size: 0.7mm - Barrel Color: Black - 2 / Set
Fine Writing Pen & Pencil Gift Sets
Fine Writing Pens are a time honored office gift that works for anyone, anytime. Pen Gift Sets are always a wise choice.  With dozens of brands, styles, colors and finishes available, you can always find the right pen gift set for the co-worker on your list.

Buying Business Gifts for co-workers, clients or colleagues can be a great career move and it's also just a really cool thing to do. While some fret over the process, try to remember that buying a gift for your co-worker, boss or business client need not be a  grueling task. Simply choose something useful, functional and cool, and you're sure to make the recipient happy. And that's what giving is all about. For more tips, check out the SupplyGeeks handpicked Office Gifts Collection.
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