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Let's face it. Work isn't always fun. But that doesn't mean it should never be fun. The SupplyGeeks Office Blog is here to a) help you get more done at work, b) help you choose the right office products for the job, and c) bring a sense of fun back to the office environment. Because fun is good.

Welcome to the SupplyGeeks Office Blog. Let's light this candle.

How It Got Made: Pens and Pencils

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
How it Got Made: Pens & Pencils You use them on the reg., but do you REALLY know how your Pen and Pencil came to be?  Leave it to the Science Channel to show you how it’s done. These clips from “How It’s Made” show the ins-and-outs of ballpoint pen and wood pencil making. Teaser: It entails writing test machines and lead sandwiches.

Retractable Pens


Bonus Video - Colored Pencils

What Does Your Favorite Ink Pen Color Say About You?

Thursday, August 21, 2014
What does your favorite ink pen color say about you?

You know that old adage... “The pen is mightier than the sword.” But do you know what your “weapon of choice” says about you? Each color suggests different personality traits. Is your color of choice correctly reflecting your character?

Power. Prestige. Independent. Determined. Dominant. Authoritative. Non-emotional. Methodical.

Trustworthy. Sincere. Sensitive. Harmony-seeking. Cautious. Serious. Welcoming. Calculating.

Optimistic. Active. Confident. Determined. Impulsive. Competitive. Passionate. Enthusiastic. 

Introspective. Analytic. Compassionate. Strong-willed. Observer. Practical. Stable. Gentle.

Show Your Fanhood - NFL Office Products

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
NFL Tape and Note Dispensers

You know what’s great about football? It makes it perfectly okay to hoot and holler at the tv screen, high five all day long and wear the same lucky tee week after week.

Know what is also great? Football season is here.

But hey, just because your favorite team is only scheduled to play once a week, doesn’t mean you can’t rep them all week long.

Aside from Painting the mascot on your face each morning, the Geeks have the perfect office products to showcase your NFL love every day.

NFL Helmet Tape Dispensers
Rip off a piece of tape from your favorite team's helmet and give it a good pat every time you do something exceptionally well.

NFL Helmet Tape Dispensers
Available for all 32 NFL teams.

NFL Football Post-it Dispensers
Next time you need to jot down a quick note, do so by reaching for the teed-up pigskin sitting at your desk. Side-Note: a good first note to jot down would be to remember to not spike the football during any office celebration dances.

NFL Note Dispensers
Available for all 32 NFL teams.

And no worries when the first string Tape-Roll and Post-it Pad run out, that’s what the backups are for!

Back-to-School Shopping Checklist

Tuesday, August 05, 2014
SupplyGeeks - Back 2 School Supplies

Don’t worry, summer isn’t over yet. But, we’re closing in on just a month left of sunny vacation. Sometime during that month, you may have a little Back-to-School Shopping to do. And if that’s the case, the Geeks put together a Free Downloadable Back-to-School PDF Checklist to make your shopping quicker and easier.

Rather than pushing a cart up and down aisles A through Z in hopes to find all the school supplies you need, we welcome you to use our nifty checklist with provided item numbers for a fast and accurate search.

Below are a few of the school supplies from the checklist to get you going!

Business Source 3 Ring Binder - BSN09976

SupplyGeeks - Binder

Elmer's All Purpose Glue - EPIE304

SupplyGeeks - Glue

Sparco 1-Subject Notebook - SPR83250

SupplyGeeks - Sparco Notebook

Business Source Ballpoint Pen - BSN37501

SupplyGeeks - Ballpoint Pen

Integra Highlighters - Assorted Colors - ITA30001

SupplyGeeks - Highlighters

SupplyGeeks - Back to School Checklist

Product Flashback - Sidewalk Chalk

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Product Flashback - Sidewalk Chalk Not too long back, as young Geeks, we didn’t find every answer online, we didn’t store files in the cloud and only those at your dining table ‘Liked’ the plate of food you were chowing on.

Though times are different, there are still those awesome little products that had it right, right from the get-go.

One of those products that our geeky selfs can’t get enough of is a tub full of colorful Sidewalk Chalk.

And for all those rookie chalkers out there not yet convinced of this chalk greatness we speak of, below are 10 fun ways to chalk up your day!

1. Hopscotch. Mark off those 10-squares, toss the rock and hop away!

2. 4-Square. A geek-game favorite. If this doesn’t ring your recess bell, we encourage you to read up on the rules and give it a go on the next sunny afternoon.

3. Tic-Tac-Toe. A simple game that brings out the competitor in all of us.

4. Messages. Whether you’re a business advertising tasty fries or just saying hi to mom, chalk gets the attention and the job done.

5. Masterpiece. In our eyes, even a stick figure drawing deserves a round of applause.

6. Hangman. You’re the sneaky one who chooses words with x and z’s - aren’t you?

7. Maze. Whip up a maze that takes some serious back-tracking to get through.

8. Autograph Practice. We all know you’ll be famous someday. Go ahead and perfect your John Hancock on the concrete.

9. Sidelines. Roller hockey or b-ball - it’s not an official game without some clearly marked sidelines and goals.

10. Tracing. Did you know that a traced hand often resembles that of a wild turkey?

There you have it. Go chalk-ing crazy fellow geeks!

Are You A Control Freak?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The SupplyGeeks Control Freak Test

Every office has a control freak. You know, the one person who HAS to make the Coffee, HAS to pick where to go for lunch, or HAS to run the powerpoint clicker thing in presentations. While control freaks can be highly annoying, most of the time, they hardly know they are acting a little cray-cray. Rather, all they really try to do (or think they are doing) is offer up a little friendly advice or constructive criticism. The only problem? A lot of people are control freaks and don't even know they are.

To be fair, we are all a little control freak-ish. And being a control freak isn't that bad or the end of the world. However, control freaks deep down, worry that if they don't have everything under their wing, that it will all go haywire. This can be bad. However, as we all know, the sun does come up and coffee does get made (thank goodness) without every aspect being controlled. 

To determine if you are a full on control freak, we have created a super scientific test. And by super scientific, we mean we gave it to our own SupplyGeeks HQ office control freak without them knowing. Let's just say they set the bar and gave a stamp of approval.

1) When things get a little out of hand. Okay, when things get a lot out of hand, do you try to take control or smooth things over?

2) Do you try to “rescue” people, offering solutions to problems, advise or suggestions – even if they tell you to talk to the hand or to kick rocks?

3) Do you feel insulted if someone strongly disagrees with you?

4) Do you think it's (insert your name here)'s way, or the highway!

5) Do you dislike or have a hard time delegating, depending on others, asking for help or letting others do things for you?

6) Are you drawn to emotionally fragile people, always trying to fix the broken things in their lives?

7) Do you super, mega overplan the most simple activities?

8) Is it hard for you to admit making a mistake, being wrong or acknowledging that you've changed your mind?

Control Freak Scale:

You appreciated taking the test; whether you enjoyed it or not. Now you're moving on to whatever happens next.
Test Reaction: Nice work Geeks. That was a well written test - wouldn't change a thing.

You know what you want when you want it, but usually you just go with the flow.
Test Reaction: Sounds about right - after-all, you can't make these things up.

You're not surprised to be in the middle of the pack. You tug a little and let others tug a little back.
Test Reaction: That went really well... for the most part.

You're okay with taking the lead and actually prefer to do so. Most times you do it without even knowing. 
Reaction: This is a somewhat unexpected; are you sure this algorithm is correct? Let me check.

You're wondering who wrote this test and would like to speak with a geek in order to send your edited version over.
Test Reaction: Who wrote this test? I'd like to speak with a geek and send over my edited version.

Compare your “Yes” answers to the scale above. How'd ya do?

If you answered yes to 4 or more questions, don't panic. Apart from controlling behavior, control freaks also tend to be well organized, diligent, persistent and all around pretty awesome. The most important thing to consider? Being a control freak doesn't mean you are stuck that way for your whole life. With a little work, you can change your ways and start to focus that controlling thought pattern and turn it into a positive.

Breakfast on the Run

Thursday, July 10, 2014

You won’t be doing yourself, or anyone around you, any favors by skipping breakfast. It affects your mood, cognition and energy, and overall health. In our opinion, the best breakfast is one that buys you a few more minutes of sleep – the to-go breakfast! Here are some tasty, make-ahead options to grab-and-go on your way out the door.

Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal

Overnight, no-cook refrigerator oatmeal

Bacon-Stuffed Pancake Muffins

Bacon-stuffed pancake muffins

On-the-Go Yogurt Parfaits

On-the-go yogurt parfaits

Make-Ahead Breakfast Omelette

Make-ahead breakfast omlettes

5 Creative Ways To Use Your Label Maker

Wednesday, July 02, 2014
5 Creative Ways to Use Your Label Maker

The label maker speaks to the OCD in all of us. First it’s file folders, then it's binder tabs… then it’s EVERYTHING ELSE YOU CAN STICK A LABEL ON. The labeling options are endless, and it is amazing. Here are five new ways to use your label maker:

1. Customized Binder Clips. Affix labels like “to do”, “to file”, “urgent”, etc. to a binder clip to keep your paper stacks organized.

SupplyGeeks - Binder Clips

2. Garden Markers. Identify your crops with some DIY garden markers; sticking labels to plastic knives or popsicle sticks.

SupplyGeeks - Plastic Knife

3. Cords. Pull the right charger out of your tangled pile of cords the first time, every time! Wrap a label around each cord identifying its purpose.

SupplyGeeks - Networking & Cables

4. Travel Bottles. Stop guessing whether it’s the conditioner or hand lotion you put in that travel bottle by labeling the contents of each container.

SupplyGeeks - Label Makers

5. Dog. Juuuuust kiddinggggg!

Label Maker

Office Tested - Geek Approved: Privacy Filter

Friday, June 27, 2014

Office Tested - Geek Approved - 3M Privacy Filters

Whether you handle super secret confidential files on a widescreen laptop or just like a little privacy from your three hour plane flight seat neighbor, this blog is for you. With a variety of sizes to fit most screens, the Geeks carry the 3M Privacy Filters that allow you to work and surf privately in public. Though the Geeks have nothing to hide, we took the privacy filters for a spin. Below are some of the Geeky reviews that we found great about the product.

SupplyGeeks - Privacy Filters

Your Eyes Only. Only someone who is directly in front of the monitor is able to view the screen data. When viewing from the side, the screen will either Darken or turn a Vibrant Gold (depending on the filter type).

Clear View. While directly in front of the screen, the filter doesn’t take away from a clear, crisp view as you have without a filter.

Protection. The filter helps keep your LCD screen free from scratches and fingerprints. 

Stays Put. Closing and opening your laptop a few times a day doesn’t mean reinserting the filter each time.

Reversible. Depending on the style, you have the option of anti-glare/gloss and gold/black.

Eyes on your own screen fellow Geeks!

Keep It Cool: A Guide to Office Fans

Thursday, June 19, 2014
SupplyGeeks Office Blog - Keep It Cool: A Guide to Office Fans

Meet your quintessential office buddy for summer – the fan. In the case that your office is A/C-free or if the breeze doesn’t quite make it to your desk, the SupplyGeeks have a few options to help you keep your cool.

Lorell Clip-On Personal Fan - $13.20
6" Clip-On Personal Fan mounts wherever needed. Strong, easy-to-open clamp with rubber grips, holds tight while preventing scratches. Fan is equipped with two-speed operation and adjustable tilt mechanism.

SupplyGeeks - Lorell Personal Fan

Lorell Quiet Oscillating Desk Fan - $28.34
12" Oscillating Fan features push-button control with high, medium and low settings. Turn oscillation on and off control. Fan operates quietly. Tabletop fan is made of high-impact plastic with metal safety grill.

SupplyGeeks - Lorell Quiet Oscillating Desk Fan

Lorell 3-Speed Tilt Box Fan - $36.27
Box fan offers three speeds for your cooling needs. Direct the soothing airflow with the tilting angle adjustment. Box fan also features a 7' power cord and plastic base and housing.

SupplyGeeks - Lorell 3-Speed

Lorell Wall Mount Fan - $41.08
16" fan with pull chain can be mounted to your wall. Fan offers a single pull-chain switch, three speed settings and an oscillating and adjustable tilt head. Mount to wood or metal support when attached to drywall. Fan includes mounting hardware and a 6' power cord.

SupplyGeeks - Lorell Wall Mount Fan

Lorell Floor Fan - $56.43
This floor fan is ideal for bedroom or living room use. Motorized oscillation and 16” fan blades designed to provide quiet and efficient operation. Remote control offers a four-hour timer with batteries includes.

SupplyGeeks - Lorell Floor Fan

Crazy Cool Customers - Chili Clipboard

Thursday, June 12, 2014
SupplyGeeks Office Blog - Crazy Cool Customers

Every day the Geeks get to talk on the phone or have a typed out conversation on LiveChat with some awesome people - our customers.

A customer recently sent the Geeks a photo of the clipboards that they ordered from us after they had screen printed a branded image on them for an upcoming chili cook-off. 

The customer’s excitement of how well the clipboards looked rubbed off on us (not to mention, made us hungry) and we wanted to spread that excitement on to you!

Nothing puts us in a geekier mood than seeing or hearing about our customers enjoying a SupplyGeeks product.

Are you enjoying your new file cabinet, computer riser, binder? Send us a fun picture of your SupplyGeek purchase being put to use and we’ll feature it on our blog! (

Screen Printed Clipboard

How to Properly Dispose of Your Old Copier (Hint: It’s not like “Office Space”)

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

However much we might want to go all “Office Space” on our old printers and copiers

… there is a proper way to dispose of that kind of equipment. Electronics actually will take hundreds of years to decompose, and leak toxic chemicals into soil and water. You don’t want that detrimental environmental hazard on your karmic record – do you?, a great guide to green living, gives some great tips on how to appropriately recycle your used copiers.
  • Donation Sites: If it’s still in working condition, donate your machine to a school, non-profit organization or low-income community. For example, provides a secure and convenient exchange for donors and nonprofit recipients allowing businesses, schools and other organizations to donate used electronics for reuse.
  • Manufacture Take-Back Program: Visit your machine manufacturer’s website. Many companies, such as Sharp and HP, have collection programs that will accept used machines for reuse or recycling.
  • E-Waste Recycling Sites: Private recycling companies exist across the world that will help you properly dispose of technology. Visit to identify programs in your area!

Product Flashback - The Pencil Sharpener

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
- Product Flashback

Close your eyes and think back. Back to the days of noogies, wedgies and crammed lockers - back to high school.

The bell rings and you’re in your seat confidently awaiting Mrs. Charron’s math test. Your protractor, scientific calculator and number 2 pencil are all out, but awww shucks, your pencil is dulled down to the point of being unusable.

After being hushed away by close-by seated classmates, there is only one thing to do - make a dash for the wall mounted pencil sharpener. Ten quick steps and eight 360 degree rotations later, you’re back in your seat just as the test hits your desk.

Flashback to today. Look at you - you made it! Is it because of Mrs. Charron’s wall mounted pencil sharpener? More than likely, yes. Now look at your desk; you’ll notice a halfway finished Henderson report. Look at your clock, back at your desk and the clock once more for the added suspense. You have 20 minutes to finish that report and guess what? Your pencil is as dull as a pencil can be. Lucky for you, pencil sharpeners are still in style and there is an electronic one sitting on the corner of your desk.

Flash forward to the future. Why are you sipping on a margarita out of a coconut shell on a private island? You didn’t hear it from me, but yes, it has a lot to do with the electronic pencil sharpener sitting on the corner of your desk.

SupplyGeeks Office Playlist: Summer Office Jams

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
SupplyGeeks Office Summer Jams

Is that the sun we’ve (FINALLY) been seeing lately? It’s about time to store away those space heaters, turn up your fans and prepare for summer! On the summer jams front, we’ve got you covered. Check out the SupplyGeeks playlist of upbeat songs that make us want to roll down our windows and crank up the volume.

The 1975 – Chocolate
Betty Who – Somebody Loves You
Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better
Ed Sheeran – Sing
Eric Paslay – Friday Night
Fitz & The Tantrums – The Walker
Frankie Ballard – Sunshine & Whiskey
Keith Urban – Even The Stars Fall 4 U
The Mowgli’s – The Great Divide
Needtobreathe – The Heart
Paramore – Ain’t It Fun
Twin Forks – Back To You

The Breakroom Chef: Pasta

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
The Breakroom Chef: Pasta

Deliziouso! Did you know you can bring a taste of Italy to your breakroom with just a microwave and 3 ingredients?

  • 4 oz of pasta
  • 2 oz of shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1/2 c of diced tomatoes
  1. Put pasta in microwave safe bowl and fill with twice as much water
  2. Microwave on high for 15-20 minutes (helpful hint: stir after 5 minutes to keep pasta from sticking together)
  3. Drain water from bowl
  4. Add cheese and tomatoes
  5. Return bowl to the microwave and zap for one more minute
Buon appetito!

Kicking the Click

Thursday, May 08, 2014
Kicking the Click

There is something seriously interesting about clicking noises. What’s interesting is that if you are the one making the click noise, it is addictively entertaining. However, if it’s a co-worker making the noise, it’s down-right disturbing. So instead of having a click battle between cubicles, why don’t we find a few ways to kick the click?

We know that sitting at a desk can cause the body to build up some energy that needs to be released. Below are 5 ways to do so without annoying your neighbor.

1. Rubber Band Ball. Though this still has the potential to make noise while being bounced, the Rubber Band Ball is much more tolerable than the click since multiple co-workers can participate in tossing the colorful ball around.

Rubber Band Ball

2. Quick Clip ID with Reel. With the ability to extend and retract at up to 30 inches, the Card Reel is a great way to silently extract energy.

Quick Clip ID Card Reel

3. Post-Its. The more Post-It Stacks you have, the more entertaining this will be. Line each stack up closely, standing them straight up, then - yes, you guessed it - play some dominos. With just a 3 inch - lightweight drop, this will surely go unnoticed by occupied co-workers.

Post-it Evernote Super Sticky Notes Removable

4. Master Scratch Guard. Though these little guys (Master Scratch Guard) do a great job of protecting furniture and floors from scratches, they also can be spun much like a quarter, but in super stealth mode.

Master Scratch Guard

5. Call Bell. Just kidding :)

Sparco Call Bell

So there you have it, 5 4 ways to kick the click while still entertaining yourself.

Office Advice: Stopping the Fridge Raiding Monster

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Office Advice: Stopping the Fridge Raiding Monster

Dear SupplyGeeks,

Someone in my office keeps stealing my lunch. What can I do to stop this fridge raiding monster? 



Hungry In Houston


Dear Hungry In Houston,

Ah, the lunch thief. This office menace is one of the most sneaky and elusive person you will (or won't) ever encounter. However, if religiously watching CSI (the original, of course) has taught us anything, it's that even the most skilled offender can be caught and brought to justice. 

First, let's focus on identifying the brown paper bag culprit. While it may seem to be a good idea to come out of the gates accusing everyone you see, this will only hurt your investigation and possibly label yourself the 'office hothead'. Not cool. The key here is to do your homework and channel your inner Gil Grissom. Basically, keeping one eye on your work and the other on your co-workers. For instance, Bob from marketing walked in without a lunch, but somehow came out of the breakroom fully nourished? Suspect. Mary from accounting sprinted in and out of the breakroom in under 10 seconds flat while looking around frantically? Suspect. Your cube mate Phil's after lunch breath wafting over is all to similar to what you brought? Suspect. 

With your suspects now in your crosshairs, it's time to bring the lunch nabber to justice. While it still may be tempting to point fingers, again, the best thing to do is wait. Why you may be asking? Well, frankly, because revenge is a dish best served cold... in a lunch bag. That's right, if the lunch thief has one weakness, it's that they let the rush of lunch stealing go to their head. As a result, they tend to eat before knowing what they're eating. Use this to your advantage by bringing in decoy lunches that will force the lunch nabber into admission. This includes toothpaste bologna sandwhich along with a couple of mayonnaise Oreos. The perp will almost run right to you with admission. Case closed.


The SupplyGeeks Deepcuts

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SupplyGeeks Office Blog

With so many supplies to browse and choose from on, you can hardly lay your eyes on everything. So, we scavenged the site and found a handful of items you may not have seen, yet. From badge reels to tote bags… we present to you some deepcuts.

Retractable, Carabiner-Style Badge Reel
Carabiner-style top clips securely around belt loops, bags and purse straps, and the cord extends 30" and automatically retracts to extend your ID for security checks.

Retractable Carabiner-Style Badge Reel

Stick-N-Find Location Tracker
Stick these Bluetooth trackers to keys, luggage, TV remotes, electronics, kids and more! Use the free Stick-N-Find app to find, track, monitor, retrieve and get alerts on your items - all from your smartphone.

Smead Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Tracker Bluetooth

Customizable Carrying Case
With an extremely durable outer shell and padded inner walls, the File Carrying Case offers stability and protection for all of your valuable documents, laptops, books or almost anything you can imagine. The interior removable dividers can be adjusted into more than 34 different configurations, offering a customized storage.

AutoExec Carrying Case

Attach-and-Go Note Pad
Stick an entire pad to laptops, notebooks, planners and more. Pad and notes stick securely and remove cleanly to office essentials that go where you go.

Post-it Mobile Attach and Go

The Way to Your Coworkers' Hearts...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

… Is through their stomachs. There is no faster way to become the office favorite than by being the bearer of baked goods! So, break out the spatula and channel your inner-Betty Crocker. Here are a few springtime treats to try!

Mini Fruit Pizzas

Fruit Pizza

Spring Burst Cake Mix Cookies

Spring Burst Cake Mix Cookies

No-Bake Chocolate Bird Egg Nest

No-Bake Chocolate Bird Egg Nest

Strawberry Lemon Cake Pops

Strawberry Lemon Cake Pops

Reasons to Mail-In Those Rebate Offers

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Raise your hand if you’ve ever mailed in a rebate offer. Now put your hand down if you’ve ever regretted that decision. If you take a look around, you’ll notice that all hands that began up, are still up. And that’s no coincidence; that’s purely a demonstration of how beneficially awesome rebates are.

If you’re new to the rebate world, it’s nothing to think twice about digging into. In fact, there’s no need to think at all. We did all the thinking for you and put together a quick list of reasons to mail-in those rebate offers.

1. Money Back. Many rebates offer their customers partial refunds. You could almost consider it a delayed bargain - the store asks for $100, but ultimately you’re only paying $75 - score!

2. Gifts Cards. Sometimes gift cards are more fun than cash. Cash always has the option to be used responsibly. A gift card, on the other hand, is a surefire way to assure you spoil yourself every now and then.

3. Easy. There’s not much to it; fill in a few blank spaces, check a box or two and include any required paperwork. For a few more tips on completing a rebate form, check out our past blog - Be The Office Rock Star: How To Use Office Supplies Rebates To Get Discounts.

4. Snail Mail. We are as big of technology fans as you’ll find, but kicking it old school is more than okay in our books. Just imagine opening up your mailbox to something other than bills.

Whether you already were, or if we just made a rebate fan out of you, head over and check out the SupplyGeeks rebates and offers that are going on now. Geek on!